House of Masaba

Blending classic prints with experimental style

Globally hailed as the 'Queen of Prints,' Masaba Gupta melds her Indo-Caribbean heritage with a bohemian flair, yielding distinct tribal patterns and fluid silhouettes that accentuate Indian textile motifs. The brand garners acclaim for its unparalleled prints, vivid hues, and innovative juxtapositions that resonate worldwide. Masaba's designs champion uniqueness, urging fashion aficionados to embrace their individuality. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted in Mumbai, using ethically sourced, natural materials.

Founded By

Masaba Gupta

About the Designer

Masaba Gupta, the daughter of ollywood actress Neena Gupta and cricket icon Vivian Richards, is the creative force behind the brand. Masaba is known for her distinctive design sensibilities and her ability to create a fresh narrative in Indian fashion.

Why We Love Them

Playful / Printed / Innovative Playful

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Shop All  House of Masaba

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