Our Story

In 2017, founder Aisha Rawji launched her first company KYNAH with the desire to make Indian clothing more accessible and celebrated in the West. Since then, KYNAH has become the largest retailer for luxury Indian designers in the USA and has been seen in movies like Murder Mystery 2 and on celebrities like Malala Yousafzai.

Over time, while traveling to India for KYNAH, Aisha came to understand that while India was producing a large percentage of the world's ready to wear garments - it wasn't being recognized on the global stage for the talent that was behind the clothing. With this, Kiska Studios was born.

Kiska's focus is honoring the traditions that are steeped in India's rich history of colors and textiles with textures and silhouettes you can wear and truly admire. We aim to celebrate and recognize talented designers and showcase true artisanal craftsmanship by launching their breathtaking collections on our platform.

Our Mission

To make women feel good in the way their clothes are cut, tailored, and designed.

To invite conversations around where your pieces are made, who creates them, and how culture can create a unique and expressive viewpoint.

To create education around special techniques and handcrafting that went into each garment.

To produce limited batches in hopes of becoming a small piece in your journey of well loved and intentionally curated closet staples.

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