Saaksha & Kinni

An ode to tradition and love of Indian fabrics

Saaksha & Kinni stands as an embodiment of the designer's creative vision, a heartfelt expression, and a reverent tribute to India's deep-rooted traditions. With a dedicated mission to bring luxe-boho ensembles to a wider audience, the label remains steadfast in its dual commitment – representing India's rich heritage while catering to a global audience.

Founded By

Saaksha & Kinnari

About the Designer

Saaksha & Kinni is a contemporary fashion label founded by designers Saaksha Bhat and Kinnari Kamat. The duo is known for their innovative approach to blending traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship with modern design sensibilities. They launched their label with the aim of creating unique and impactful occasion wear that reflects their vision, expression, and appreciation for Indian traditions.

Why We Love Them

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Ode to Tradition

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