Mandira Wirk

The definition of Indowestern resortwear

Mandira Wirk envisions embodying effortless elegance by seamlessly blending classic and modern silhouettes. Her collection boasts a diverse array of cuts, falls, drapes, and pleats, achieving a harmonious fusion of subtlety, femininity, and romance. Complemented by an all-season color palette, her timeless and traditional styles remain wearable throughout the year.

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Mandira Wirk

About the Designer

With two decades of seasoned expertise in the fashion industry, Mandira Wirk is based in New Delhi, India and is known for her her ardor for creation and styling. Her designs epitomize femininity, sensuality, intricate craftsmanship, embroidery, and captivating draped silhouettes.

Why We Love Them

Feminine / Romantic / Printed Feminine

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