Celebrating the history and traditions of India

KYNAH, meaning female leader, has been at the forefront of Indian luxury fashion, offering accessible designer clothing and accessories from the East to the West since 2017. Based in Los Angeles, founder Aisha Rawji launched the online store with a vision to redefine the way women customize, shop and wear Indian attire.

Founded By

Aisha Rawji

About the Designer

Aisha grew up in awe of the women who shopped at her mom's clothing store, RAAZ, in the 1990s. She was not only captivated by the vibrant movement, colors, but also by the transformative moment that ladies from all walks of life experienced when adorning a lehenga or a sari.

The enduring legacy of Indian clothing became a pivotal focus for Aisha when she launched KYNAH. She believed that quality and luxury attire should not be limited to single use; instead, it should be cherished across generations, passing on the tradition and beauty to come.

In 2021 she launched Kiska Studios with the vision to help further bring South Asian designers to the west to gain appreciation for the craftsmanship and heritage of our clothing.

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