Dash & Dot

Indian Designs in Accessible Luxury

Combining a global perspective with an Indian essence, Dash and Dot takes pride in showcasing the remarkable skill set of Indian artisans through its range of ready-to-wear silhouettes.

The brand's philosophy centers around the belief that one's values should manifest not as mere gimmicks, but should be evident through actions. Dash & Dot consciously strives to strike a balance between sustainable sourcing and practices. With a commitment to transparency and accountability, the brand exclusively employs vegan leather and incorporates significant amounts of post-consumer recycled polyester and organic cotton into its creations.

Founded By

Ashray Gujral

About the Designer

Ashray Gujral founded Dash and Dot in 2020 to actualize his vision of creating an accesible and sustainable brand that was both functional and fashion-forward. Ashray strongly believes in how every paradigm shift starts with a conversation and how in a country like India, the onus of the discussion of sustainability needs to shift from the consumers to the brands.

Why We Love Them

Sustainable / Inclusive / Sophisticated Sustainable

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